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11 FEB 2024 OCS Class

Hey everyone,

Just got the call I was selected for NFO and have my class date as 11 FEB 2024. Thats a little ways out from now but sure other people have gotten the call as well!

*A little on me, I am prior enlisted in the USAF as an avionics mechanic on F-16 and live in Arizona!

Can't wait to endure the suck with you guys 💪
Sorry bud I will have to catch up with you in the fleet! I got pushed up to Jan 7th class, but possibly leaving soon. Im wondering if I have the 5NOV class in my future


SNA Pro-Rec Y
I'll be in the February 5th class which is what I believe this turned into. 🤙
Yea I was told February 5th report date, I think the class still starts February 11th. Idk what we'll be doing for 6 days, seems like a lot of time for in-processing but oh welll.