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Any online practice test for ASTB/OAR?


Whats going on guys,

I looked in all the pages in 1,001 thread and tried to search here and on the internet a little. I have "alot" of gouge in PDF files or word documents but I was wondering if anybody knew of a website that had a practice test for the ASTB/OAR? Something that will tell you how many you got wrong, what you need to work on, and is timed?I saw a post that was talking something like what I am looking for but when I clicked on the link it was dead.

Thanks in advance for the help


Tyler Houston

Not that new of a member

This is a full length test from the DoD website. You have to register but its free.

If you are a student, and your school pays to have access to databases, you can use your school's library website to access some online test prep for military flight aptitude tests. I took a few practice ASTB tests using this site (I needed my student info and logged in through my library's website) :

Hope this helps you out.


Thanks a lot for the websites!!!! My local library helped me out with logging into learnatest.com and now I have access. This is exactly what I was looking for. If anybody knows any more let me know.