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Relationship Between Pilot and NFO


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Haha... she's actually very proficient with the Whiz Wheel! When she went to Nav Training in PCola in 2015, I gave her my old Whiz Wheel from 1985 and she geek'd out on learning how to use it.


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I know the airlines had flight engineers. Did they navigate too?
Nope. Only really applied basic situational awareness as in "don't think that will work" or " we won't get on course on this heading."


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"Shut up and mind your engines... nerd!"

My experience was more like.... Captain looking over his right shoulder pointing at my panel: " Is that what they teach at the school house now? That will never work. Folks in row 4 and 29 will be freezing their asses off. Let me fix that for ya, Shut off the #2 pack, close the #3 bleed valve and open the cross feed between #1 and #2. Now cycle the #1 pack quickly. Yep, just like that. Now set the #2 pack to full hot. You will thank me when Debbie give you a big wet kiss for managing the temp so well."


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Is it true that NFOs are only useful if the plane crashes, the crew survives, and they can make fire with the NFO's glasses?
While I was assigned to CPRW-10 at NAS Whidbey Island, WA, I was afforded the opportunity to represent the U.S. Government at a ceremony at Lawn Point in British Columbia, honoring these folks. It's a ceremony that the Canadians have supported every year since 1943. Naval Aviation is rich with stories and tragedy . . . . regardless of rank, designator or prescribed eye protection :)


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is clara ship
Is it awkward at all when the senior officer of an aircraft is the NFO and not the pilot? After all, the pilot is flying the plane. But, in the case where the NFO is the senior officer, if the NFO in command of the craft?

And, why is an NFO needed at all if we have sophisticated computer based navigation systems today, and some craft, like some F-18s, do no even need a second seat?

Why are some F-18s one seaters and others two seaters at all?

Nothing awkward about it at all. If anything, I'd say I kind of enjoy flying with senior folk. The jet is a weird place where you just are honest about life and talk freely. My favorite backseater on my last deployment was my skipper. I think we may have solved all the worlds problems at 15k overhead mom in the 5W. Command of the airplane isn't really an issue. You are a crew, you make decisions together, regardless of rank/experience/hours.

To your second question, just ask the growler community if they need a second seat. Spoiler alert, they do.

Your third question is more difficult to answer. But a good F crew is better than a good E pilot. My friends from my single seat past life (9 years of my active career mind you) will make fun of me for eternity for saying that, but they haven't seen that it is true.