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Share stories, Far afield?

Jay Season

New Member
I'm interested to hear folks share stories of how far afield some of you landed, from your original career goals / starts? Aeronautical Engineering majors operating a bait shop, cellists becoming nuke operators, etc...?!


Well-Known Member
Did computer stuff in college, worked as a software engineer in a cubicle, then got picked up to be a pilot. Still have no idea where I want to live or what I want to do when I grow up 🤷‍♂️
Worked in software development in late 90's out of college, then decided to bounce. Peter Gibbons was a role model for me as a young 20-something. Beware though, there are Lumbergs everywhere you go. 😄



A/C Wings Here
Went from a liberty risk mighty Herk flight mechanic to half assed authority figure spending 20 years as a school cop.
Helped the wifey raise 2 college graduates along the way. The Asian student stereotype is a real thing folks.


Well-Known Member
I'm not going to out him by name but one of my fellow flight crew members did actual porn in the 80's before getting a real job.
From the strategic level, your shipmate had a 'job, assuming he was paid.

But at the tactical level, there were multiple jobs he was responsible for.

Sorry for derailing the thread. /s

Renegade One

Well-Known Member
I'm probably an outlier...the funny fat kid who wore glasses all through elementary and high school. Loved aviation...built all the model airplanes; watched all the movies; read all the books and comic books. Then...one magical day in 1970...ran into a couple of Navy recruiters in my college cafeteria wearing Service Dress Khakis...one of whom wore glasses and Wings of Gold (NFO)...and the rest is history.


Well-Known Member
Spent most of college and about a year after college traveling and catching birds as a Bird Removal Technician. From Maine, to Florida, to Puerto Rico, to Arizona, and everywhere in between. Got the military bug because a ton of the other employees were prior military guys and decided I’d like to join the club. When my recruiter called me to tell me I got picked up for OCS he said, “Mr. Ozarky, you’re not gonna be catching birds anymore, you’re gonna be flying them!”


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