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What is it like to be an NFO?


Active Member
Hello, I am 28 years old and have been thinking of becoming an NFO. I have no interest in being a pilot, but the idea of handling weapon and jamming systems as an NFO is something that greatly appeals to me.
I only have 2 questions that are important to me.
1. What are the hours on average? I have worked 60 hour a week jobs before and I wanted to kill myself. I can handle working a lot if it's for short periods of time.
2. Will I get sleep? I am the type of person that needs a full 8 hours of sleep or I can't function.
I’m gonna have to agree 100% with BDavis11 on this one. NFO let alone military won’t be for you. 60 hour+ work week with constant studying and doing your ground job (when you’re not flying). There have been many times where I would only get 5 hours of sleep even though we get crew rest only to go fly a 8+ hour flight. You might want to look into SWO. Word is those guys/girls get plenty of rest and time off.